Illuminated manuscripts make me happy.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

First, it was the illuminated initial that shook me. Next, it was the calligraphy. And, finally, it was the entire freakin’ manuscript. The ornamentation in the margins, the calligraphed epic tale, the parchment, the scriptorium from whence it came… EVERYTHING. But nothing rocked me more than my visit to Mont Saint-Michel, in France, where I had the opportunity to set my eager feet in the scriptorium of that breathtaking monastery.

Afterward, I made a beeline for the gallery and purchased a ton of cards, souvenirs, and 3 separate books on illuminated medieval manuscripts. One love, Mont Saint-Michel.

The following images are borrowed from the brilliant Scholar’s Resource site, which contains images of all varieties of art. But the manuscripts are obviously the coolest. I’m not at all biased.

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