Strikingly Sukie

I recently stumbled (happily) upon a ridiculously sweet product site called Sukie, Ltd.. Based in East Sussex, Great Britain, Sukie offers the kind of items that inevitably create a snowball effect of adorability (?! just go with it, please), leading me/you to an insufferable state of indecision and head-scratching delirium. So, ultimately, you just end up buying a bajillion dollars worth of stuff because it would be inhumane to have to decide between the plain notebook or the lined one, for example.

See for yourself. You’ll feel my pain, I swear.


See what I mean? Are you in pain? I bet you are. It’s just too hard to discriminate among all the awesomeness, right? Which is why there are a gazillion images above. I mean, how could I possibly choose?! Way too difficult. Ugh.

In any case, you should totally visit their website and check out all their products (yes, there are even more than what I posted above, I assure you): SUKIE, LTD. 

Enjoy, please.

2 responses to “Strikingly Sukie

  1. ah ha! you have not one but two great blogs! yay 🙂

  2. Ah! Foiled!

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