Hanky Pysanky!

Last fall, one of my most favorite people in the world — who also just so happens to be one of the most talented people in existence (I’m not biased at all) — shared with me his mad Pysanky skillz, which are impressive, believe you me. Do you all know what Pysanky is? Pysanky is the name given to the traditional Ukrainian art of egg decoration. And, quite frankly, it freakin’ RULES. I wish I were better at it, d@mn it.

Anyway, even though Pysanky design generally doesn’t involve words, it can involve words. And there are some amazingly detailed and beautiful instruction books on the market. Plus, hello, this blog is called Words & Eggs, n’est-ce pas?!? We can’t have all these flippin’ words without balancing them out with some eggs, right? I gotta be equal-opportunity, or I just wouldn’t feel right. So, let’s celebrate some eggs, shall we? 

That's me. And that's my first Ukrainian egg creation.

That's me melting the wax off of my big bad Ukrainian egg creation last fall.


One response to “Hanky Pysanky!

  1. Ooooh so luscious!

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