French Friday!

I’ve spent a significant amount of time in France. And I miss it. I miss it beaucoup. So I thought that maybe a weekly homage to all things français might be in order — and might help me cope a bit better with my withdrawal. Stop the twitching and cold sweats and stuff like that.

And it might help you too, because let’s face it: French things rule.

Case in point: boulangeries. Nothing is more withdrawal-worthy than a baguette. Screw the Louvre. Screw the Eiffel Tower. GIVE ME BAGUETTES OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!! 

Vive les boulangeries!


2 responses to “French Friday!

  1. Great idea to do all things French for a post or two! All those store fronts make me want to make a short black and eat fresh, crusty on the outside, doughy on the inside, warm all around bread..

  2. Les français à l’honneur une fois par semaine, c’est une excellente idée!
    A bientôt…:)

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