Justin Simoni is on the road

I just came across (very haphazardly) the website of an artist by the name of Justin Simoni. Simoni resides in Denver, but is currently touring around France and, apparently, spending a lot of time trying to find his luggage. Pauvre mec. Fitting that Simoni is on the road right now, for the piece that I would like to share with you all represents a portrait-in-words that relays the first page of text from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Simino used oil with pencil, pen, and oil pastel on canvas and completed the work in 2004, titling it “WORDS ARE SWEET SOUNDS FOR OBJECTS UNREAL,”  thereby referring to Kerouac’s appreciation for the sounds of words moreso than their meanings.

"Words Are Sweet Sounds For Objects Unreal" (Justin Simoni, 2003-2004)

If you are interested in discovering more about Justin Simoni and his work, you may access his website here.


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