French Friday (4.0)!

I received a grant two summers ago (uh, that would be 2007) to conduct some dissertation research in Paris at the BnF. I spent six weeks living in the most charming and lovely little studio apartment that was literally around the corner from the Place des Vosges. And I visited museums at least three or four times per week. And I was right near the Picasso Museum, which pretty much became my church. Anyway, my whole point with this is: I miss it immensely… and, sometimes, painfully. 😦 Severe nostalgia lately. So, for this edition of French Friday, I thought I’d pay homage to some of my favorite French artists and their love of words.

Fernand Léger:

Pablo Picasso:

Juan Gris:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec:

Henri Matisse:


4 responses to “French Friday (4.0)!

  1. Bel hommage Lesley !
    A bientôt…:)

  2. Merci Pignouf!! Oui, c’est toujours un plaisir pour moi de retourner à mes muses françaises…
    A bientôt!

  3. i lived in the marais for 6 weeks (not so far from where you were), back quite a while ago now, and i know that kind of missing.

  4. Aww… it’s palpable, isn’t it?? Bittersweet…

    Thanks for commenting — your blog is fabulous.

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