French Friday!

I recently came across a crafty French blog called “Echevette,” which contains all sorts of sewn creations, whether embroidered or cross-stitched or knitted or who-the-heck-knows-what. And some of them are really awesome and I’d like to reach my hand into my monitor and grab them for myself. Particularly the French advent calendars (“calendriers de l’avent“), which, from my previous post, you already know I sort of obsess over. Then, Echevette led me to another cool, crafty French blog, called “Un fil sur la toile,” which furthers the awesome quotient about ten-fold. Below are some of my favorites from each. Feel free to thank me with fun comments and/or candy canes. Thanks.

Amusez-vous bien!

From Echevette:





From Un Fil sur la Toile:






2 responses to “French Friday!

  1. You should see our adorable advent calendar full of treasures.

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