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My holiday time in rural Ohio provided me with some lovely opportunities to rampage around some antique and second hand stores that were chock-full of vintage papers, just begging me to repurpose them (which I will. Oh yes, I will). One particular store, whose seams were near to bursting with antique-y awesomeness, also introduced me to several vintage typewriters. Some were missing keys, some looked more than a little worse for wear, but ALL of them were remarkably stunning. 

So, I thought I’d pay some Vintage Typewriter Homage (VTH) here.

Feast your pupils on the following glorious typewriters, which I’ve borrowed from the appropriately named







Did I mention that all of the above are FOR SALE?!? Yeah. You have to be independently wealthy in order to afford them, but it’s still fun to pretend.

The following images are of more “retro”-writers, which I’ve borrowed from the ever-so-lovely UppercaseGallery:





OK, there are a gazillion post-worthy images on Uppercase’s site (and on VintageTypewriterShoppe’s site)… I could be here all night. So, instead, I’ll promise a Round 2 VTH sometime soon.


6 responses to “asdf jkl;

  1. O-M-G. I freaking love them. Thanks — now I have drool in my keyboard.

  2. awesome! the green one is amazing and the blue royal above it looks like the exact model my older brother typed his master’s thesis on. i think i have that red remington but it’s a bit worst for the wear and was customized for harvard university. i used to collect vintage typewriters but they became to heavy to keep moving from place to place…

  3. Ooooh! I adore vintage typewriters! These photos are lovely. Recently G and I found a vintage Thai typewriter in a local antique shop – so wonderful with the beautiful Thai characters instead of Roman letters on the keys….

    Oh by the way, I was browsing through some old posts on my blog and remembered this one … (thought you might like it):

    Hope the New Year is shaping up well for you!

  4. Thanks, you three! I’m glad you enjoyed the images and drooled as much as I did. 🙂 Oddly, I had to take my car into a garage to get fixed yesterday (poor car), and I decided to walk around the neighborhood as I waited. I turned the corner, and the first little shop I saw was a typewriter shop! They had all of these amazingly beautiful vintage typewriters adorning the windows, and I almost passed out!!! I had never seen a shop devoted strictly to typewriters before. I was very impressed. And sad I couldn’t afford one.

    @Juddie: Thank you SO MUCH for that link to your post…that is INCREDIBLE! 🙂

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  6. Florida Writer

    Hello, PauvrePlume!

    I am searching for old, office-style typing paper, vintage 1930s or early 1940s, to buy. Lower quality, off-white paper, which might have been used for drafts (not the sturdy, white, professional stationary used for letters, official documents, etc.).

    1930s or 1940s era paper now typically has the off-white or tan tint. (Not the yellow paper with a texture of old comic books that was used for carbon copies).

    It looks like this is something you might have already come across in your travels through old stores I am working on a special project with historic roots and I want it to be as authentic as possible. I recently found a 1931 Underwood in excellent working condition. Now I need the paper to work with.

    Can any of you help?

    Many, many thanks!


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