Vintage Typewriter Homage (VTH), Round 2

Last week, in my asdf jkl;” post, I set forth several images of some amazingly beautiful vintage typewriters that I’d come across online. As you might imagine, I had way too many images of way too many awesome typewriters, but not enough time/space. So… it is my sincere pleasure to offer you the second installment of my Vintage Typewriter Homage (VTH), exclusively for your viewing pleasure:

The following images are courtesy of one of my absolute favorite sites to visit (and they’re cool Canadians!), UppercaseGallery:





And now, a few more insanely classy typewriters from






3 responses to “Vintage Typewriter Homage (VTH), Round 2

  1. To save time is to lengthen life! I love it! And I think I’m coveting that red/orange Royal number…

  2. ooooh, love them. want them all.

  3. It seems that I’ve been seeing vintage typewriters everywhere lately. Perhaps it’s the universe telling me that I need one. I want a Royal in either pink, red or blue.🙂

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