Lettering Is My Valentine.

Valentine’s Day has always been, in my opinion, a false holiday. The exception being, of course, elementary school days where we all had the opportunity to decorate and individualize our own paper bag Valentine “mailboxes,” which would receive personalized Valentine letters that instantly produced smiles (especially the Snoopy ones).  Since then, though… you could say I’m not a fan.

But Valentine’s Day is primarily about the celebration of love, right? So… that’s my focus. And, this Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to glorify my one true love: lettering. Specifically, the lettering of Ms. Jessica Hische, whom I’ve just discovered thanks to the Uppercase blog, which is another love of mine.

Each of the following images are taken from Jessica’s blog:





5 responses to “Lettering Is My Valentine.

  1. Happy Valentine’s to you. I liked Valentine’s much better as a kid. 🙂

    Love your new design!

  2. I was just checking out your Flickr. The family tree is gorgeous!

  3. i agree, valentine’s day….meh! j and i went out to dinner once on valentine’s day and swore to never do so again. we felt like lemmings and worse – lemmings rushed through dinner so more lemmings could be seated. yuck.
    though i do love hearts.

    i had the opportunity to work with jessica hische on an illustration for a catalog cover a few seasons ago and she is just wonderful to work with. i must go check out her blog now, it’s been a while…

  4. @puglyfeet: Back atcha (belated), and me too, and thank you! 🙂 Are you going to become a teacher??? Enquiring minds want to know… 🙂

    @perpetua: Thank you so much!! 🙂 I had fun making it…

    @Melanie: Oh, I totally agree about the dinner thing. Though, maybe it just depends where you go… I guess we go yucky places! And that’s awesome you got to work with Jessica Hische! I’m enjoying her blog — new discoveries rule. 🙂

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