French Friday: Le Petit Atelier de Paris!

For this week’s installment of French Friday, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Le Petit Atelier de Paris, which is a boutique/workshop hybrid in the 3ème arrondissement of Paris (aka, in the Marais, which rules). Here is a little blurb from their website:

“Le Petit Atelier de Paris is a boutique with a workshop inside; it opened in 2005 in the Marais district in Paris. Founded by two designers, its boutique proposes series of unique items, designed, contrived and made by hand in the workshop. These objects, original and delicate, may be used for a pleasant daily life.”

Images from their site:






Because I realize that we can’t all just hop a plane to Paris this weekend, I offer you the next best thing: the freakin’ BLOG of Le Petit Atelier de Paris! Check it out, s’il vous plaît. You won’t regret it. You’ll find things there like these little bits of awesomeness:







The shop is closed from now until April anyway, so… dieu merci qu’il y ait des blogs! (thank god there are blogs!)


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