Berlin’s Buchstaben (Letter) Museum

Over the weekend, I was perusing my favorite typography blog (aptly called ilovetypography, or “iLT” for the cool kids) when I came across the fabulosity of type guru Rob Keller. Thanks to his aptly titled blog, called You Should Like Type Too (you really should), I am now entertaining incessant fantasies that involve variations of me fondling and slithering among the cool, slick typescapes of Berlin’s Buchstaben Museum. The Museum, established in 2005, houses an impressive collection of rescued letters that once combined to form building/store signage from Berlin and beyond.


The above photo and those that follow are courtesy of the Buchstaben Museum’s website. You’re welcome:





Please please please check out You Should Like Type Too for more beautiful photos of the Museum and other brilliant and drool-worthy typographic finds.

The next set of photos was also taken at the Buchstaben Museum, but I’ve graciously borrowed the images from HERE:








I could not be more in love with this museum. If I had met the Museum prior to Valentine’s Day, I would have made it my Valentine (sorry, Jessica).

At least now I know where I want to go whenever I have enough money to go on another trip.


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