Stitched Type


Ever since my post that featured Laurel’s hand-stitched wedding accessories (see above) on Snippet & Ink, I’ve been focused on the beauty of stitched type. I’ve found some lovely little images that I thought you might also enjoy…


(Above: stitch type on Flickr)


(Three images above created by Emma Smart)


(Above: from

(Above: image from Flickr)


(Above: sample Easter card from


(Above: image from Flickr

handmadenation_stitched_webAre you all aware of the Handmade Nation documentary? If you’re not, check out this site for more info. And check out the above stitched logo by Sublime Stitching. Note: There is also a Handmade Nation book, which you can sift through and purchase HERE.

Going back to the hand-stitched type, this book might be of interest if you’d like to try your hand:



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