French Friday (on Sunday): Marie-France Annasse

Marie-France ANNASSE is, among other things, an artist, stylist, and author, living in the 3ème Arrondissement of Paris. She also maintains a blog, which details her unique, whimsical creations and beautifully composed photographs.

Some examples of her brilliance, all taken from her blog:



Marie-France enjoys working with paper and constructing intricate designs:




One of her recent expositions, Letter Box, incorporates actual post boxes that open to reveal elaborate nature scenes constructed uniquely from paper:





4 responses to “French Friday (on Sunday): Marie-France Annasse

  1. what a surprise….
    Thank you very much

  2. Génial – j’adore!
    Thanks for sharing – I’m off to visit her blog:)

  3. clin d’oeil ….just for you….on my blog !

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