French Friday: Famille Summerbelle!


Famille Summerbelle consists of Julie & Simon Summerbelle and their adorable daughter Ophelia. Their designs, as you will see below, are intricate, whimsical, and always impressively crafted (see, particularly, Julie’s papercuts!). The following images are graciously borrowed from both their online store and their blog, which I encourage you all to visit immediately. And often. Just trust me. 

Family trees…



… and “Learn For Fun” prints…



… and cushions…



… and papercuts…

6a00e54ffb7b77883401156f67e409970c-800wi(Papercut of London)

6a00e54ffb7b77883401156f2ae945970c-800wi(Papercut of Paris)



6a00e54ffb7b7788340105362c303d970b-800wi(Des fleurs!)

… and decorative tape…



2 responses to “French Friday: Famille Summerbelle!

  1. Iam trying to make a family tree in cross stitching.The family has about 105 people in it.Iam not buying anything,i just need a very big picture so that i have some ideas of what it might look like.The family is very big.Please write me back.Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your lovely post on FS!

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