French Friday: Au Petit Bonheur la Chance

I spent the summer of 2007 living in a charming little studio in the Marais, quite literally a stone’s throw from the Place des Vosges. I would wander haphazardly throughout the neighborhood (and not-so-neighborhood!) everyday and always stumble upon some amazing treasure — whether a somewhat hidden park, a quaint corner café, a chock-full used bookstore, or (my personal favorite) a hodge-podge overstocked vintage store. I discovered Au Petit Bonheur la Chance about my 4th week in Paris that summer; from that point onward, I visited the shop at least once per week. And by “at least once per week,” I really mean “twice or more.” It’s a teeny-tiny place with a GARGANTUAN personality, chock-full of varied papers (think vintage children’s school notebooks, vintage wine labels, vintage postcards…) and kitchenware and toys and old signs. It’s located at 13 Rue St. Paul, just off the Rue St. Antoine in the historic St. Paul neighborhood of the Marais (close to the Place de la Bastille and the Seine).

Serendipitously, I was clicking on a bunch of random links earlier, when I came across the Interior Divine blog, which just so happened to feature a post (yesterday!) that provides beautiful illumination into precisely that dear little shop!! I was BESIDE MYSELF! (not literally, though. That would be awkward.)

So, without further ado, I offer you the following images, which I’ve graciously pilfered from Interior Divine, since I’m a total loser and was clearly way too busy gawking at all the vintage finds and drooling over myself to even entertain the thought of whipping out my camera while I was there. (D@mn!)

So, here you go…








4 responses to “French Friday: Au Petit Bonheur la Chance

  1. Shops like these make me weak in the knees! Thanks for sharing — I wrote it down (in case I find myself in Paris in the near future):)

  2. Oooh thank you for the tip! This is definitely on my list for our trip to Paris in November.

  3. Hi , I came across your blog by chance, I was looking at someone else’s blog who was posting about the same shop.. 🙂 Was doing google search.

    This shop is amazing, wish I had known about it, when I went to Paris back in April, mind you I only had 6 days, and in that time, met up with people who I met online, through our blogs. ..

    I am planning to go back in September/October, so it will be great to visit, going to add this to my list of Favs. Thank you.

  4. I was there just a month ago and I can’t believe I did not see this charming shop!!!! What were the prices like?

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