My sister’s upcoming wedding…

My oldest sister is getting married in June! It’s a very exciting time, and I’ve been enjoying helping her out by creating business card-sized registry cards to include inside her wedding invitations, for which I’ve addressed the envelopes and embellished them with patterned paper petals (umm, tongue twister). It’s been a wonderful, relaxing, satisfying way to enjoy the calm before my Dissertation Storm that will touch down later this week and last ALL FREAKING SUMMER. FULL-TIME. So… I thought I’d share with you some samples:







*Envelopes, cards, and paper purchased from Paper Source.


3 responses to “My sister’s upcoming wedding…

  1. I love the orange envelopes with the green/red flourishes above the address – they’re so fun! I always enjoy thinking about how much people love pulling real mail like these out of their mailboxes…no one gets mail this good on a regular basis!

  2. Your beautiful writing and embellishment on the unique orange cards is lovely!

  3. PauvrePlume

    Thank you both! Yes, my sister selected this shade of orange as her primary color for the wedding, with accents of lavender and sage…

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