Great finds at Rare Device

Behold the Rare Device brilliance…

Initial Pillows from MyPerennial:


An unbelievably intricate and lovely travel journal from Poketo (complete with pouches! who doesn’t love a good pouch?!):


Nikki McClure‘s adorable Things To Make and Do, a Journal:



Test your weaving skills with Les Assortements de Cartes Ficelles from Xcidia:


And gawk at your box of 100 stellarly illustrated McSweeney’s postcards from Chronicle Books:



All products above for sale at, or from the individual sellers listed.

All photos from


2 responses to “Great finds at Rare Device

  1. I think the travel journals are adorable, especially the one with the pockets inside, would be just right for trips ..especially the last one I took to paris, with all the carte de visit and tickets I have..:-)

  2. Okay, I think you may have one of the best hobbies. I get envious of all the journals and fun.

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