Bonne fête de la Bastille! / Happy Bastille Day!


I just came across these hilarious Bastille Day-themed gocco prints created by StrangeBoyCards, and I feel compelled to post them for all. Bon 14 juillet à tous!


Nothin' like a little Kool 'N the Gang to get the party started! ps) "Va-t-en" essentially means "F off"

Nothin' like a little Kool 'N the Gang to get the party started! ps) "Va-t-en" essentially means "F off"



Oh, and here’s what the envelopes for the cards look like:




And now, my own contribution to the day: a photo I took of the Place de la Bastille in Paris, January 2006.



6 responses to “Bonne fête de la Bastille! / Happy Bastille Day!

  1. nancyalison

    So I googled Bastille Day Cards and voila! I found your site. I have no idea who you are but I really enjoyed your posts . Who doesn’t love all things French, letterpress or typographic.

    Bonne journée!

  2. I love them all! Also, I was admiring your items made by you and I was wondering if you took a class or just picked it up yourself. Any tips?

  3. PauvrePlume

    @nancyalison: Thank you! So glad you found my site and that you’re enjoying the posts… Always nice to “meet” someone else with similar obsessions. 🙂

    @justalittlepiece: Thanks for visiting – sorry I didn’t reply to your last comment, too. But I meant to say that you, too, can spend a majority of your day being lazy and falling head-first into the Design Blog Vortex!!!! It’s great fun, but also a GREAT detriment to my own work, which falls by the wayside pretty quickly. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for taking time to check out my own stuff. Yeah, I pretty much just pick stuff up on my own (especially the lettering – I’ve loved lettering since I could basically pick up a pencil and make words). But if you’re interested in handmade correspondence, there’s a really cool, inexpensive book called Handmade Hellos that comes with cool templates and DIY instructions for a ton of creative projects…

  4. adorable! where can you order these – is there an etsy shop? they are just short of perfection – hate to nitpick but the envelope should read “aidez-moi.”

  5. PauvrePlume

    @etienne Aren’t they great?! If you go to, it provides an email address where you can write to order cards. Not sure about prices/availability, though. And yeah, I realized the “m’aider” issue right away… I think maybe he was going for “m’aidez,” which the average American tends to pronounce like MAY DAY, for “Help Help!” Usually I picture people talking into a Walkie Talkie when they say that, though. hahaha

  6. No apology necessary. Thank you for the book referral. I’ll check it out. I’m in need of a crafty hobby as I am currently angry at my scrapbook right now. lol

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