Throwback Thursday: The Fisher Price School Desk

I’m thinking of making this a new weekly feature, but… not sure if I’m totally sold on it yet. I already have Wordshop Wednesday and French Friday. Maybe my Thursdays need to feel more liberated and not so pigeonholed? Then again, I love vintage and retro-y stuff anyway, so I kind of doubt “throwback” material would feel very restricting or hard to come by.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.

But, for today, I feel absolutely compelled to post the following images, which I came across last night thanks to Uppercase Gallery‘s ridiculously awesome Flickr stream. I’ve become a bit of a Flickrholic lately, so be careful: it could happen to you. In any case, when I saw these images of the Fisher Price School Desk, I instantaneously screamed and clapped my hands with major elation. And then a bajillion happy memories (both visual and tactile) began inundating me.

It was awesome.

So, without further ado, I give you: The Fisher Price School Desk:




3 responses to “Throwback Thursday: The Fisher Price School Desk

  1. Oh. My god. I had that desk. And I didn’t remember it until just now. See what I mean about you making me want to buy things, even if those things are memories?! 🙂

  2. PauvrePlume

    I know!!! I didn’t remember it until I saw it either!!!! And then, suddenly, I could totally feel those cool, slick little alphabet magnets and fitting them into the word cards… Best thing ever.

  3. this was one of my favorite things when i was a kid!

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