Owls by Matty Cipov

If you’ve been reading either of my blogs for a while, you are aware of my affinity for owls. I am especially smitten (read: obsessed) with Jon Carling‘s owl illustrations. Which, by the way, if you haven’t checked out his work, you should. Like, immediately.

And now I’ve come across an artist by the name of Matt Cipov, who has recently had his own exhibit, called “Creatures of the Deep.” I discovered him via Flickr, and thought I’d share the following lovely owl illustrations from his Flickr stream and website. By the way, his website is artistically awesome with great color combinations, type, and collage elements. You should definitely check it out right after you check out Jon Carling. OK, behold Matt Cipov’s owls:









And there’s some additional great items in Matt Cipov’s Etsy shop, like this little sticker guy:



3 responses to “Owls by Matty Cipov

  1. No wonder I love your site as I also have an owl obsession!! I loved that owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials when I was little and was hooked.

  2. C’est chouette !…:)

  3. Only cool people love owls.

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