DIY travel-inspired wedding invites

The melange of vintage and modern stamps and the map-lined envelopes are just two of the many reasons why I’ve been fawning over these travel-inspired wedding invites made by Holly from Nothing But Bonfires (a new find). Please check out Holly’s blog HERE. It’s brilliantly entertaining.






3810595514_617dbb1894(Yes, they actually invited the Obamas.)

I just discovered the clock stamps (above) sitting nonchalantly on my dad’s kitchen counter. I thought they had to be the coolest, most aesthetically pleasing items in my dad’s possession. (No offense, Dad.) I immediately thought they were vintage, but he quickly corrected me. So now I need to hightail it to my local post office and see if I can get my paws on some of my own.


3 responses to “DIY travel-inspired wedding invites

  1. This is a great idea. I might have to use this if I ever get married someday.

  2. I know, aren’t they awesome?? I am kind of obsessed with the “mixed stamps” idea… I just ordered some on the site! I didn’t realize you could go online and find a bunch of cool-looking stamps of various amounts. And you don’t have to have a wedding to do cool stuff like this, you know? (otherwise, I’d be waiting a VERY VERY long time — if not indefinitely!) I’ve done lined envelopes, for example, just for friends’ birthdays or for Christmas cards… or for no special reason at all, really, other than feeling the urge. 🙂

  3. I collected stamps as a kid but mostly soaking them off envelopes and whatever my father bought for me. I feel as though this could get very addicting but I have some friends I should write letters to know that they live on the East Coast. Doing it with a little style would be a nice touch. I better have something nice to say if I’m going to send them something so fun!

    I’ll remember to take pics if I do it!

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