The Power of Green

I’m not talking about green as a synonym for “environmentally conscious,” though that is lovely, too. I’m talking, very simply, about the color green. My brother-in-law’s 11-year-old niece (whom I have always affectionately referred to as my “niece-in-law”) suffered a near-drowning accident on August 1st. Four weeks later, she remains unconscious in critical condition at the local ICU of a children’s hospital. Her organs were stabilizing, but yesterday she suffered a horrible setback. We are now all terribly scared and thinking the strongest, most positive thoughts we can for her and the whole family.

My niece-in-law’s favorite color is green.

Coincidentally, green is my favorite color as well. It is just one of many many things that we share.

We also share books.

So, today, I am putting my faith in the power of green and the written word. The power to soothe, strengthen, enliven, and heal.

Here’s to you, D. I love you so much.













4 responses to “The Power of Green

  1. Wishing every power to your green thoughts. A child’s Garden of Verses is one of the few books I enjoyed as a child. Robert Louis Stevenson, was a very sick child and drew strength from words.

  2. I’ve been thinking about your niece in law since I read about her accident here. It’s so terrible I hardly know what to say besides I’m sorry and I will keep you and her and your family in my thoughts.

    Green is my absolute favorite color too. It borders on obsession!

  3. Ok, I feel strange asking this, but did you know that there is a very tiny smiley face way to the right side of your header bar? I just noticed it!

  4. Adding my good green thoughts to yours.

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