I entered a lovely little giveaway over at Oh, hello friend (one of my favorite blogs!) the other week, and I won a fabulous assortment of ten colored and striped tapes from happytape! Happytape features Japanese washi paper tape in a bajillion different colors and patterns (give or take).

Here’s what the package looked like that I excitedly received yesterday in the mail:


And here are the ten happytape wonders in their packaged glory:


This is what the striped pack looks like in detail (this image, and all images below, from the happytape site):


Also from the website:



A couple of my favorite patterned tape assortments from the shop:


DSC07191.JPGTiny dots!

And examples of just some of the vibrant color assortments offered:


Thank you to Oh, hello friend and happytape for such a wonderful gift!!! 🙂


4 responses to “Happytape!

  1. HURRAY!!! 🙂 I’m glad you got your prize, it is LOVELY! congrats!!

    xo. danni

  2. These have so much fun potential! Okay, I think I will splurge come Christmas!

  3. I feel so terribly jealous!!! I love washi tape!!! 😀

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