Fabric Cuffs and Stitched Type from Ponder & Stitch

Thanks to the always-wonderful Xenia from Found Paper Co. for introducing me to these lovely little fabric cuffs from Ponder & Stitch earlier today. I am in love with the postcard cuffs, but absolutely ALL of them are adorable and beautifully crafted. The stitched type especially inspires me, and serves as a lovely postscript to my Stitched Type post earlier this year.

Check them out, please:







The lovely Amy (aka, Ms. Ponder & Stitch):

Photo borrowed from FoundPaperCo.com

Photo borrowed from FoundPaperCo.blogspot.com


One response to “Fabric Cuffs and Stitched Type from Ponder & Stitch

  1. Whoa!! hahah, thank you!!! What a suprise to see this- you have made my day! That is too many exclamation points all in a row so I will calm down now. 🙂 I looked at your ”stitched type” post from earlier this year and LOVED it. I especially thought the word “morning” was amazing.

    I’m so glad you like my cuffs; they are definitely stitched with love. Good luck on the giveaway!

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