Wordshop Wednesday: Regional Assembly of Text

I’m starting to think that I need to move to Vancouver, B.C.. Seriously. If I hear of ONE MORE awesome design/stationery/type shop located in Vancouver, I’m going to pack up my belongings and head Northwest.

Here’s why: The Regional Assembly of Text, built and created by Rebecca Dolen & Brandy Fedoruk, who also designed every freakin’ awesome thing in the shop. Unbelievable.

I want it all.

But I especially want these little treasures (all photos from Regional Assembly of Text’s online store):







3 responses to “Wordshop Wednesday: Regional Assembly of Text

  1. Keep your shoulders covered and safe from the sun in this unique swimsuit. It features a lovely typewriter print & quick release crotch snaps. Suitable for infants and tiny, rectangular women.

    That is definitely a cool store! 😀

  2. Must. Have. That. Onesie. 🙂

  3. Good thing I’m freakishly rectangular with a predilection for trap doors.

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