Kit Kat bar, I love you.

I’ve been feeding a Kit Kat addiction for the better part of the summer. Wait, is it technically no longer summer? Crap. My addiction may be bi-seasonal. In any event, it’s led me on a search for vintage Kit Kat wrappers. (Don’t judge me.) And my vintage Kit Kat search has led to a Pandora’s box of vintage candy fantasticness: vintage wrappers, boxes, advertisements… all that I and my Kit Kat could ever hope for.

Many thanks to Jason Liebig’s Candy & Snacks Flickr set, which is where I found these little confectionary lovelies:












YUM. I love Clark bars and Zagnut!

And look at these great ads:




*This post is hopelessly devoted to my beloved Kit Kat:


8 responses to “Kit Kat bar, I love you.

  1. Mmmmmm kit kats. One of the best candy bars! My favorite candy bar of all time, though, is Watchamacallit. Now I want one!

  2. Thanks for the stroll down candy memory lane!

  3. My pleasure! 🙂 Did you hightail it to the local candy store to satisfy a sudden craving?

  4. It’s funny because I’ve always liked Kit Kats just fine, but I never really saw what the big deal was. I’d much rather prefer a chocolate-peanut butter concoction like Reese’s or Butterfinger. But, for whatever reason, for the past few months, I just CANNOT GET ENOUGH KIT KATS!!!

    Oh yeah, and I went through a Watchamacallit phase when I was younger, too! 🙂

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