San Francisco: The Literary City

This just made me way too excited. Even though I kind of wish there were a Boston version.


The image appeared as an accompaniment to THIS ARTICLE in the San Francisco Chronicle, which reveals that the man behind the 2005 design is Paul Madonna.

Thanks to the always-inspiring and photographically fabulous WeLoveTypography for introducing me.


4 responses to “San Francisco: The Literary City

  1. Really fabulous, thanks. But who made it? Am I missing something?

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting! And thanks for questioning the creation of this map… I wasn’t sure, as I only had the link from We Love Typography to go on, and it didn’t link to a specific creator. I just did a quick search, though, and I found that the poster accompanied this article in the San Francisco Chronicle,, where it reveals the designer as Paul Madonna (from 2005).

  3. ps) I’m going to update the post to include this link, just in case anyone else gets curious! 🙂

  4. Thanks for finding the artist.

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