Throwback Thursday: The Illustrations of Paul Thurlby


Paul Thurlby‘s vintage-esque alphabet illustrations have been making the rounds on a lot of design and type blogs lately, but I just can’t help throwing my hat into the ring. They’re just too d@mn awesome! I love the old-school look, the fact that some of them remind me of Alain Grée, and the fact that I want to make wallpaper out of them and slap them on my bedroom walls. Talk about a throwback: I can almost taste that deliciously intoxicating “old book smell” while I look at these babies.

So, here are some of his alphabet illustrations, mixed with some other projects that I found on HIS BLOG and on his FLICKR STREAM. Please visit both, now and often. Trust me: your creative inspiration demands it.

(Note: Unsurprisingly, I’m quite partial to the owl illustration, but I want them all.)






And now for some non-alphabet-related Thurlby awesomeness:


image5Serge Gainsbourg + Brigitte Bardot = smoky sex





2 responses to “Throwback Thursday: The Illustrations of Paul Thurlby

  1. Isn’t his stuff amazing??? Love it.
    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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