Throwback Thursday: Atari!

I never had an Atari when I was growing up. My aunt bought my sisters and me a Texas Instruments computer instead. I didn’t know the difference. I was eight years old. I pretty much just liked pressing the buttons and pretending to play library. (Don’t ask.) My sisters really liked the TI-Invaders” game (the TI rip-off of Space Invaders). But my favorite game — if I did actually play a game — was a little hide-‘n-seek-ish type novelty called “Hunt the Wumpus.” I think I maybe just liked saying the word “Wumpus.” You try it. “Wumpus.” See? It’s fun, right? Though, to this day, I still have no clue what a “wumpus” is. Other than being something with freakishly large teeth and two awkwardly long arms with claw-hands.


Anyway, Texas Instruments evolved into more of a calculator giant. Atari, however, remains the top retro gaming device. Plus, they had a pretty rad logo. Texas Instruments was pretty banal. I mean, a silhouette of the state of Texas? Whoa. How mind-blowingly creative. Pff. So… for this installment of Throwback Thursday, I give you… Atari.











Most photos borrowed from the fabulous Atari Flickr group. Others found HERE, HERE, and HERE.

2 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Atari!

  1. We didn’t have Atari either, my mom bought us the Sears version which was cheaper but just as good. Actually, I think the Sears Pacman was even more challenging than Atari’s. My personal fave though was Frogger! That was my big present for Christmas one year.

  2. I absolutely LOVED Hunting the Wumpus! That game rocked my adolescent world. And although I did like TI’s “Parsec” (kind of like space invaders, but a little different)–and the “Great shot, Pilot!” kudos I received from every time I hit one of those bastards–I actually preferred the Wumpus and another TI game called “Milliken.” It was a quick-answer math game that I absolutely LOVED. Oh, those were the days.

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