Target’s One Spot

You guys have all been to the One Spot/Dollar Spot/Whatever Spot at Target, right? A lot of times it’s overrun with holiday-themed items — usually headachingly BRIGHT holiday-themed items. But sometimes you can find that rare gem if you dig around the fluourescents long enough.

Yesterday, I found a set of alphabet stamps for a buck. Each individual letter = its own stamp. They’re awesome. They’re like these, except minus the numbers:


And these are listed as $11.00 on Target’s website. And that’s just $10.00 too much.

So, I decided to bust open the pack and christen the stamps while using them to personalize the sleeves for some CDs that I made for friends.


So, that’s pretty fun, right? Sunday afternoons are great.


2 responses to “Target’s One Spot

  1. I’ve never known about the dollar spot at Target. I was just there on Saturday, darn it! Next time I go I’ll have to seek it out. The stamp set is an awesome find!

  2. Oh, those are great! I could totally use some stamps like that on my packages- very cute. 🙂

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