New Vintage Type

A s usual, I’m a little slow. Thus, my recent discovery (“recent” as in “5 minutes ago”) of New Vintage Type, a mouthwatering collection of type designs that sort of make me foam at the mouth. In a good way. The book, compiled and edited by designer greats Steven Heller and Gail Anderson, apparently came out in 2007. Like I said, I’m slow. But, just in case you’d forgotten about it, or in case you’d never heard of it, here you go. Personally, I’m a little bummed I didn’t “recently discover” this in time to chuck it onto my Christmas list. Do people give New Year’s gifts?

All images below graciously borrowed from Print & Pattern, but you can purchase New Vintage Type HERE.

2 responses to “New Vintage Type

  1. Thanks for your kind words. We’ve got a follow-up coming out in a few months, called New Ornamental Type. Lots of fancy swirly stuff; very tasty work to chew on, so keep an eye out for it…

  2. What exciting news! I will very impatiently await its arrival. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and thank you so AMAZINGLY much for producing such great, inspiring work.

    Bonne année!

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