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Koko – Match Co. pillows

I scored an awesome embroidered pillow on serious clearance at Anthropologie earlier this evening. Highly proud of myself, I came home ready to find a picture to share with you of my brilliant find. But then I found these. And now I kind of can’t stop thinking about them. But I still love my Anthropologie pillow. I will take a picture of it tomorrow.

Until then, please enjoy these ridiculously cool (and, thus, quite pricey) rice bag and matchbox pillows from Koko – Match Co., which instantly made me think of Agence Eureka’s Flickr set:

Wordshop Wednesday: Mélangerie!

Today, thanks to Oh So Beautiful Paper, I discovered the greatness that is Mélangerie. Not only do I dig the Frenchified shop name, but I also get perhaps a little too excited about all of their unique, adorably fun paper goods. And I have a feeling you will, too.

Wanna see why? Yeah, of course you do:

Scratch-‘n-sniff holiday cards? Heck yeah!

State-by-Celebrity Tote Bag: Sorry, but Massachusetts wins because we get Dr. Seuss.

Visit the Mélangerie Etsy shop HERE.

Wordshop Wednesday: Reiter8

Check out reiter8‘s upcycled sailboat sails, crafted into beautifully vibrant bags, pillows, luggage tags, and more (you can even send in part of your own sail and have it upcycled all custom-like!):

See more of reiter8’s items HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

French Friday: Cubist Literature

Just came across these fabulous t-shirts and bags over at Cubist Literature, where you can also find scads of other rad tees, handknit gloves and scarves, cool shoulder bags, and a bunch of other cool things with their stellar illustrations.

The following shirt is so strikingly awesome, it was even featured in June 2009’s New York Fashion Magazine!



Or, go ahead and get the bag instead:


French Text:

“Moi, je veux te dire que je ne te quitterai jamais. Et puis, si tu es triste, je pourrais toujours te donner un peu d’alcool pour te rechauffer le couer. xo”

Translation: I want to tell you that I’ll never leave you. Then, if you are sad, I could always give you a little alcohol to warm your heart.

Go forth and purchase! T-shirts generally range from $23-$26.

Cubist Lit. Etsy Shop

Spoonful of Chocolate Hope

I posted about Spoonful of Chocolate Hopes adorable recycled book handbags over on my other blog, Pauvre Plume, today. But I’m guessing a lot of my Words&Eggs readers would express equal interest in her literary creations, so… here you go.

You’re welcome.


ChapterOneThe other day, I was very graciously introduced to the lovely recycled book handbags of Spoonful of Chocolate Hope. Haven’t you always wanted Jane Eyre or Anne of Green Gables hanging on your arm? Yeah, me too.

And as if the literary awesomeness of these bags weren’t enough, Ms. Spoonful’s mission proves even more admirable: all profits are going to her father, who is currently struggling to keep the house that he built with his own two hands when he immigrated to America.

On her Etsy site, Ms. Spoonful assures us that no books were harmed in the making of these lovely little handbags:

I take gently used books and only use the covers. I then take the sleeve and wrap it back on to the fully in-tact book and donate it to a Refugee Center here in Arizona called the IRC.
However, if you would like for me to make a new matching cover for the book, please let me know it would be an additional $15. You can view an example of the book cover here:

Some of my favorites, all of which are available in her Etsy store:

I am in love with the toile lining of this one...

I am in love with the toile lining of this one...

Much ado about... something awesome

Much ado about... something awesome

Your keys and dollar bills would love it here.

Your keys and dollar bills would love it here.

Jane Eyre is green with envy. I would be too.

Jane Eyre is green with envy. I would be too.

Did I mention that Ms. Spoonful takes custom orders?? Yep. I’ve already been in touch with her about a Frenchified handbag… 🙂

Go forth and visit, please: SPOONFUL OF CHOCOLATE HOPE!

Thanks to LittleBrownPen for introducing me. In fact, you should probably go visit her as well, please.

(*Initial “T” found HERE)

French Friday: Les Filles du Facteur


Les Filles du Facteur continues the mission of Facteur Céleste, which originated as an accessories brand created in 1992 by Delphine Kohler and Isabelle Strutz who, at the time, also maintained a diverse line of purses and bags. Facteur Céleste evolved with the economic times and also with the global environmental crisis, becoming more and more aware of the struggles of the earth and its inhabitants — particularly women and children of Africa. In 2008, FC sought to leap its French borders and create an association that serves as a bridge between France and Africa. As such, Les Filles du Facteur came into brighter focus.

Stationing itself in Paris as well as in the small, francophone, Northwest African country of Burkina Faso, Les Filles du Facteur promote their ambitious, socially and environmentally responsible project entitled “recyclagesacplastic” (recyling plastic bags). 6a00e551db0e2a883301053641e967970b-800wi2Together, the women of the North (France) and of the South (Burkina) establish new means for repurposing plastic bags to save them from entering our global landfills. The mission is rather simple, though the methods are highly unique and creative, allowing an artistic outlet and solution for a global problem. While efforts to eliminate plastic bags can now be seen across the U.S. as well, we all still have some extra bags lying around, whether to line our wastebaskets or to transport lunches. If you’re in France (or even if you’re not) and you’d like to dispose of your own plastic sacs, Les Filles du Facteur will gladly take them off your hands and put them to beautifully good use. You can mail them here:

Filles du Facteur
5 rue Perrée
75003 Paris FRANCE

From their website:

Le projet « recyclagesacplastic » comporte toutes les valeurs d’une philosophie basée sur l’écologie et l’aide au développement : la protection du savoir-faire « à la main », l’environnement, l’éducation, les problèmes de santé et de l’enfance défavorisée pour le sud, l’autonomie des femmes immigrées dans les banlieues pour le nord. 

La communication établie entre les femmes du nord et celles du sud conduit à une prise de conscience mutuelle et élargit le champ d’action des échanges entre les cultures.

bouton-shop1The following images have been graciously borrowed from the sites of both Les Filles du Facteur and Facteur Céleste. If you wish to support their wonderful cause, I strongly encourage you to visit their online shop, which features many of their crocheted, plastic masterpieces that have been featured in the Monoprix store chain across France. Who knew such beauty could come from… plastic?!














A few plastic goodies from the Facteur Shop (go forth and purchase!):





Night Owl Paper Goods (& their awesome sales!)


From their website: “With a passion for fine craftsmanship, detail & the environment, Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatham went out on a limb to start Night Owl Paper Goods, a stationery company devoted to creating handmade letterpress cards and eco-chic wooden goodies.”

“Goodies” is right. Their products fuse Scandinavian motifs and nature’s sweetest creatures, often with wooden backdrops.

Not only that, but Poppytalk alerted me to the occasional one-day sales on the NOPG website. Today, for example, there’s a 50% off sale on NOPG’s jotters (aka, notepads)! Go forth and conquer: