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Maurizio Pellegrin

Holy crap.

You’ll see what I mean:

See? You’re drooling, aren’t you?

So much more (and in amazing color collections) at Maurizio’s site HERE.

French Friday: Capucine for Edurelief

One of my former French students sent me this Capucine video via Facebook the other day (merci PN!), and I can’t stop hearing Capucine’s cute, animated little narrative voice talking about “les popotames” (hippopotamuseseses).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Quelle imagination de cette petite fille qui rêve des monstres et de la pauvreté et de l’égalité pour tous!

After I received the video, I did a little Googling and found that la petite Capucine has inspired a charitable endeavour by her mother, who is now raising funds for Edurelief, which is a non-profit that raises money to help kids in Mongolia who lack books and other educational necessities. Donations can be made directly to Edurelief, or you can purchase a ridiculously cute t-shirt that features one of Capucine’s original drawings and a quote from one of her adorable tales (quotes can be printed in French or in English). Some images from the website, which you should visit tout de suite:

To learn more about la mignonne Capucine and to watch all of her storytelling videos, click over to the Capucha website HERE.

Some of my favorite Capucine photos from the website (I am having MAJOR difficulty dealing with how cute she is. I bet you will, too. Oh, and I also bet you’ll want that Nutella like I do, too.):

Throwback Thursday: Film Packaging

Vintage film packaging borrowed from Maraid’s Flickr stream:







Words & Eggs is now on Etsy!

I launched my Words & Eggs Etsy shop a few days ago — a bit humbly and bashfully, I might add, because I feel as though I don’t quite have the technological capabilities that many successful shops have. Nor do I have very great (nor numerous) examples/images of my work. But, I have to start somewhere, right? Right.

And guess what? I’ve officially made my first Etsy sale! Granted, it’s a friend of mine who placed the order, but still. It counts. It’s an official order. I got paid for one of my creations, and it feels fabulous. 🙂

Right now, my shop contains only a few samples of my custom family trees, my lettering, and my Paper Clips journals (vintage and new papers compiled in a custom little book). In the coming weeks, I plan to add more samples of my lettering, particularly some calligraphy projects that I’m working on right now. I also plan to add some paper packs that will contain 20 paper items, from gift tags to vintage maps to pages out of French literature to swoon-inducing decorative papers from the Paper Source.

I’m especially proud of my custom family trees, for which I go old-school and use a pair of scissors to cut out each individual leaf from your preferred selection of colored/patterned papers, and then paste them on a tree base that I also draw and cut by hand. And then I letter all the names and package it for you with lovely Japanese washi tape (courtesy of!) and a gift tag. Family trees make excellent birthday and holiday gifts! And there are plenty of options we can brainstorm… from Christmas “advent calendar” types of trees (25 marked days!), to friendship trees (all your closest friends!), to baby announcement trees (your new baby stats!), to anniversary trees (a branch or leaf for each year!)…. TONS of options. My custom family trees are reasonably priced, starting at $60 for an 11″x14″ tree; pricing goes up depending on your preferred size.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest and would like to discuss!

But for now, here’s a little sampling of my work, which is all completely constructed by hand. You can see more images in my Etsy shop and over at my “Handmade By Me” Flick set. More and better-quality images to come soon, hopefully!

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Early version of the family tree I made for my Grandma last Christmas

Early version of the family tree I made for my Grandma last Christmas -- each flower represented a child.

Wedding invitation addresses

Wedding invitation addresses

Tree and leaf cuts

Tree and leaf cuts

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Family tree lettering (Note: I can do many other styles if you'd prefer script, etc.)

Family tree lettering (Note: I can do many other styles if you'd prefer script, etc.)

Wedding invitation addresses + paper leaf embellishment

Wedding invitation addresses + paper leaf embellishment

Early stage of Zoldesy family tree (pre-names). Sometimes I like the trees on their own! Maybe I should offer those, too? Sans names?

Early stage of Zoldesy family tree (pre-names). Sometimes I like the trees on their own! Maybe I should offer those, too? Sans names?

Packaging - Japanese washi tape + gift tag with stamped owl :)

Packaging - Japanese washi tape + gift tag with stamped owl 🙂

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Wedding invitation address

Wedding invitation address

Framed Zoldesy family tree (14"x18")

Framed Zoldesy family tree (14"x18")

Visit my Etsy shop HERE!

Wordshop Wednesday: 26 Olive Street!


Welcome to the vintage brilliance of 26 Olive Street. Their old-school offerings and fabulously composed polaroid-style photos make me giddy (to an annoying degree, I’m sure). I bet they’ll have the same effect on you.

Here’s why:

(all images borrowed from their Etsy shop)











For more great images, check out 26 Olive Street’s Flickr page and their blog. Oh, and you can get all their updates by following them on Twitter HERE.

Uppercase: A Magazine for the Creative and Curious

Issue 3 of Uppercase Magazine comes out on October 1st!

If you haven’t already done so, I strongly encourage you to purchase an issue or an annual subscription to this fabulous periodical, which is chock-full of brilliant design and infinite inspiration. And the best part is: we the readers often make up the creative content! There are lots of “calls for submission” for everyone to get involved and possibly be published in a future issue.


The following are some Uppercase Magazine-related images from their website to whet your design appetite even further and propel you to subscribe:




Kate Bingaman-Burt’s illustrated version:






Images from the Typeface film website…

I just posted about the new typographically-centered documentary, Typeface, over on my other blog, PauvrePlume. The tagline to the film will reel you in immediately:

Charting the intersection of rural America and contemporary graphic design.

See? Yeah, you know you want it. So head over to my other blog for more info on the film and its focus, and look below for a bunch of lovely images and film poster designs, all borrowed from the film’s official website.

Just looking at them makes me want to cry in my pillow that I can’t make the Portland premiere on Thursday night. GRR!










Museum der Dinge / Museum of Things (Berlin)

HOLY CR@P. Rob Keller from You Should Like Type Too posted today on a brilliant new find: The Museum der Dinge (Museum of Things) in Berlin! It’s chock-full of amazing, vintage goodies (er, THINGS). Just in case you’re not following Rob (which, come on, what’s wrong with you?), I thought I’d offer you some of my “thing” (“dinge”?) highlights: