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My new Anthropologie pillow

As promised, some pictures of the embroidered Anthropologie pillow that I purchased last night on massive clearance. The plaid backside ain’t no accident.

Anthropologie generally has a multi-faceted effect on me. Initially, I feel instantly comforted by the aesthetic beauty of all that surrounds me. But then, inevitably, I actually start to become a little tweaked out by just how much every single item – down to an individual plaid doorknob – totally seems like it was MADE FOR ME. And only me. Though, intellectually, I realize that there a bajillion other people who feel exactly the same way. Which weirds me out even more, because I consider myself a stand-alone kind of girl. So then the Twilight Zone music starts to play and I find my temperature rising and my pace quickening and I just need to purchase something and get the eff outta there.

And so I did.

With this awesome pillow.


(Card image created HERE)

Target’s One Spot

You guys have all been to the One Spot/Dollar Spot/Whatever Spot at Target, right? A lot of times it’s overrun with holiday-themed items — usually headachingly BRIGHT holiday-themed items. But sometimes you can find that rare gem if you dig around the fluourescents long enough.

Yesterday, I found a set of alphabet stamps for a buck. Each individual letter = its own stamp. They’re awesome. They’re like these, except minus the numbers:


And these are listed as $11.00 on Target’s website. And that’s just $10.00 too much.

So, I decided to bust open the pack and christen the stamps while using them to personalize the sleeves for some CDs that I made for friends.


So, that’s pretty fun, right? Sunday afternoons are great.

Brought to you by the letter G.

Gotta love today’s Daily Drop Cap from Jessica Hische. In case you’re looking for “G” words so that you can take full advantage of this bad-boy, allow me to offer some suggestions:

goober, gingerbread, Gide (as in André), gluestick, genesis (or the capitalized Phil Collins version), Gund, glib, gullable, grimace (or the capitalized purple blob from McDonald’s version), guffaw, gander, George (as in Sand), gaseous, grizzly, glamorous (as in Fergie), gratitude, gluttony, Gauguin, gamer, gingko, Gaultier (as in cone boobs), great, gabby, Gocco (!), gin, genuine, Golden Girls, gib, grubby, gracious, gummer (as in my baby niece and nephew, on my thumb), Gummi Bears, glad (or the capitalized trash bag version), garage, gender-specific, Gilman (as in Charlotte Perkins), gentrification, ginger (or the capitalized Gilligan’s Island character), Gilligan, gardens, gotcha (as in the journalism style of reporting), Goethe, globe, goldfish (or the capitalized Pepperidge Farm version), gibbon, Gap, Gargamel (as in The Smurfs), grabby, gimp, Gunther (as in Friends), giver, guppy, Genet (as in Les Bonnes)…

OK, I think that’s good. Ha! Get it? GOOD? “G”?!? OK, I’ll stop.


Throwback Thursday: Mad Libs!

Mad Libs have evolved into a whole other monster and are still kicking around today (Fashion Mad LibsSimpsons Mad Libs? X-Rated Mad Libs??), but the current editions are a far cry from the fabulous cover designs of the originals…

Mad Libs 1-1{Source}

Mad Libs 2-1


Mad Libs 3{Source}

122795793_19056ea3b5 {Source}


An original page, which would now be targeted by the ACLU and every feminist in the country (rightfully so):

mad lib scan




Waiting in line at the Staten Island ferry terminal on July Fourth.



(ffffound HERE)

Justin Simoni is on the road

I just came across (very haphazardly) the website of an artist by the name of Justin Simoni. Simoni resides in Denver, but is currently touring around France and, apparently, spending a lot of time trying to find his luggage. Pauvre mec. Fitting that Simoni is on the road right now, for the piece that I would like to share with you all represents a portrait-in-words that relays the first page of text from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Simino used oil with pencil, pen, and oil pastel on canvas and completed the work in 2004, titling it “WORDS ARE SWEET SOUNDS FOR OBJECTS UNREAL,”  thereby referring to Kerouac’s appreciation for the sounds of words moreso than their meanings.

"Words Are Sweet Sounds For Objects Unreal" (Justin Simoni, 2003-2004)

If you are interested in discovering more about Justin Simoni and his work, you may access his website here.