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Get organized.

A new semester starts tomorrow for me. I wish I had these awesome items from Present Correct to help me get organized:

In the time it just took me to create this post, I probably could have been prepping my first class tomorrow. But this is so much prettier.


Embossed Danish Blocks

Those Danish are so stylish and savvy! Not only do they believe in ABCs as the building blocks (heh heh) of education, but they also recognize a fabulous computation opportunity when they see one.


Blocks with division signs and zeroes with lines through them? Yes, please! Plus, vividly colored blocks are just fun, whether they make mathematical and linguistic sense or not. Build a bridge! Make a pyramid! T ÷ 2 = skunk? Sure! Butterfly is greater than 9? You betcha! Just build, create, and enjoy.

Thanks to Feterie’s Paper Cuts blog (a lovely new find!) for introducing me! You can also follow Feterie on Twitter HERE.

French Friday: L’abĂ©cĂ©daire! (ABCs!)

Adorable vintage French ABC Books, circa 1920s, from Cecilyadro’s Flickr set:



The “encrier” almost makes up for the questionable inclusion of the “fusil” and the “hache.” Almost.


3185227004_ffb9f9cb35I’m always on the “qui-vive” when the letter Q comes to mind.


And from yet another fabulously illustrated 1920’s abĂ©cĂ©daire…