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Vintage smoking ads from lamarde

Aqua-Velvet recently tweeted about lamarde, thus introducing me to the fabulous world of vintage cigarette advertising and packaging. There’s a reason we have so many unfortunate people addicted to nicotine: the advertising was glamourous, beautiful, and downright awesome in terms of design execution. Despite my devotion to all things design-related (which, yes, includes my appreciation for pro-smoking ads), I still feel compelled to state that I abhor cigarettes and their disastrously horrific effects on the body (and on innocent bystanders’ bodies). I have a step-father who is currently battling stage IV lung cancer. Meanwhile, my mother won’t stop lighting up, despite the smoking-induced tragedy barely breathing next to her. I am, in other words, not a fan of smoking.

But I am a fan of great design. And of lamarde’s beautiful gallery of advertisements, which is where I found all of the images posted below. Enjoy. These are some of my favorites:

Visit lamarde’s blog HERE. Follow lamarde on Twitter HERE.

Vintage designs for Olivetti

I am definitely digging these vibrant vintage designs that I found over at Ninonbooks, which were created for Olivetti typewriter and calculator ads in the 1950s and ’60s.

Aren’t they great? I kind of want to own every single one of those machines, please. More HERE.

Artistic Printing Album from Sheaff : Ephemera

Whoa. Wait until you see these vintage printing ads/cards/etc. that I just found in the Artistic Printing Album of Sheaff : Ephemera. The colors make me extremely happy.

Let’s go on an excursion!

Loving these vintage Portuguese transportation ads — particularly the awesome lettering, which I found over at Dias que Voam, which you should visit PRONTO.

The majuscule letters (do we say that in English? for capital letters?) at the bottom of the first ad above kind of remind me of the style of lettering I used for lettering the names on my last round of family tree orders (finally shipped!):

Swedish sweetness

It’s finally snowing in Boston. It was 70 degrees here on Thursday. Very anti-Decemberish. So, I’m extremely excited to see the white fluff whisping around outside and even sticking on the ground. I’m about to go celebrate with a fresh mug of hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows. But first, I want to share some fun Swedish finds with you… they’ll keep you happy and warm this Saturday evening, whether yours is snowy or not. 🙂

Vintage book covers and ads straight from David at the Klockarp Institute:

French Friday: Le roi du tabac

Disclaimer: I generally abhor tobacco and cigarettes as lethal weapons that have contributed to way too much illness among family and friends. That being said: come on, these vintage tobacco labels from Agence Eureka are pretty stellar.

Stupidly, I never considered that French playing cards wouldn’t have the J, Q, K, A categories. Umm, yeah. So, below, you’ll see that French playing cards have the following categories: V(alet), D(ame), R(oi), A(s). Unfortunately, I don’t have any A examples below.







Throwback Thursday: Atari!

I never had an Atari when I was growing up. My aunt bought my sisters and me a Texas Instruments computer instead. I didn’t know the difference. I was eight years old. I pretty much just liked pressing the buttons and pretending to play library. (Don’t ask.) My sisters really liked the TI-Invaders” game (the TI rip-off of Space Invaders). But my favorite game — if I did actually play a game — was a little hide-‘n-seek-ish type novelty called “Hunt the Wumpus.” I think I maybe just liked saying the word “Wumpus.” You try it. “Wumpus.” See? It’s fun, right? Though, to this day, I still have no clue what a “wumpus” is. Other than being something with freakishly large teeth and two awkwardly long arms with claw-hands.


Anyway, Texas Instruments evolved into more of a calculator giant. Atari, however, remains the top retro gaming device. Plus, they had a pretty rad logo. Texas Instruments was pretty banal. I mean, a silhouette of the state of Texas? Whoa. How mind-blowingly creative. Pff. So… for this installment of Throwback Thursday, I give you… Atari.











Most photos borrowed from the fabulous Atari Flickr group. Others found HERE, HERE, and HERE.