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Lucky #7

Before I left town for the holidays, I was busy doing lots of things like grading, applying for jobs (still doing that one), buying Christmas presents, and stalking Present Correct‘s listings of daily advent boxes. Only one awesome box of goodies per day. First come, first serve. My super stealth stalking methods paid off, and I rejoiced when I scored the #7 advent box. But then I went far far away to Ohio to spend the holidays with my family. And I amazingly forgot about lucky #7. But then I came back from far far away Ohio, and lucky #7 was awaiting me with open boxy arms!

Lookie what prizes I got!!!

{ Open me! And now! }

{ Holy…! }

{ An organized little sampling of goodies from the box, in case you’re OCD and need order in your life. }

{ Non-ordered samplings. For the rest of us. Beautiful either way, really. }

{ The whole collection. I am especially fond of the “L”s. It’s like they knew my name and stalking tendencies or something. }

I may or may not recycle some of these items for the “Mini Packs” I include as part of my Paper Packs on Etsy. Or hide little doo-dads in envelopes from my Paper Clips Journals. But I don’t know. I’m partial to hoarding everything for myself. You’ll see me on A&E soon enough, drowning in a see of vintage papery awesomeness, refusing to let even a Scrabble tile go.

Thank you to Present Correct for producing such brilliant collections of vintage greatness!

Visit Present Correct’s amazing shop HERE, and follow them on Twitter HERE.

French Friday!

I recently came across a crafty French blog called “Echevette,” which contains all sorts of sewn creations, whether embroidered or cross-stitched or knitted or who-the-heck-knows-what. And some of them are really awesome and I’d like to reach my hand into my monitor and grab them for myself. Particularly the French advent calendars (“calendriers de l’avent“), which, from my previous post, you already know I sort of obsess over. Then, Echevette led me to another cool, crafty French blog, called “Un fil sur la toile,” which furthers the awesome quotient about ten-fold. Below are some of my favorites from each. Feel free to thank me with fun comments and/or candy canes. Thanks.

Amusez-vous bien!

From Echevette:





From Un Fil sur la Toile:






Tomorrow is December 1st.

You know what December 1st means:  


I have always loved advent calendars. I’m pretty sure my adoration for all things advent has something to do with the fact that our family advent calendars generally involved chocolate. But my appreciation has greatly evolved and (slightly) matured since my childhood. Though, my mother does still buy me illustrated cardboard advent calendars (no doubt intended for children about 25 years younger than myself). You know, the kind with the little animal-sculptured chocolates hiding behind perforated windows that represent a different December day? Yeah, they RULE. I can’t wait to open the first window tomorrow morning before I go teach!!!

Whoa. I need to calm down.

Anyway, the evolution of the advent calendar is something to be celebrated, particularly when considering the vast, overstimulating array of creative interpretations that exist — even Target’s getting in on the fun! 

Happy adventing. Oh, but don’t OD on chocolates, please.

Target advent excitement:



Ballard Designs:


Etsy advent awesomeness:

il_430xn47151521(Pretty Swank)




(Penelope Piper)


(Tiny Nest Creations)



(Both images above: Finkydink Creations)


(Design Stash)


(Nouveau Designs)


(Bugs and Bones)


il_430xn45156304(Both images above: Doullina)

For the pup:


(Vintage Advantage)

LL Bean: