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Westvaco II

Images from Westvaco manual #II: Inspirations for Printers (1953-1955) :

There are so many more brilliant images over at Design & Typo, le Blog. I’m tempted to post them all, but instead I’ll direct you to them HERE. And don’t forget to check out the first manual, which I posted about HERE.

Westvaco I

I was scoping out WeLoveTypography the other day (as I often do), and I came across a beautiful typographical image that linked over to Design & Typo, le Blog. There, I discovered the mother-load: tons more of similarly amazing designs from two separate Westvaco manuals.

Images from Westvaco Promotion Guide #1 (1956-1961):

I will post images from the second manual in a new post. Stay tuned!

Lite-Brite Type from GrandArmy

O ne of my new Twitter followers, @caseandpointtype, posted a Tumblr image called “Lite-Brite Type.” How does one resist anything related to Lite-Brite, that’s my question? Right. One does NOT resist such things. Rather, one clicks ferociously to the source. Which brought one/me to these gorgeously vibrant images over at Type Theory: Lite-Brite Type created by GrandArmy:

Kinda makes you wanna bust out your Lite-Brite and go to town, right? Yeah, me too.

Wordshop Wednesday: Miss Bella’s Room

Some people are obsessed with checking themselves out. You know the ones: can’t pass a window without rubbernecking to see how they are being seen. Some people are obsessed with checking to make sure makeup hasn’t smudged, that lipstick hasn’t transferred to a front tooth, that there’s not a blob of unblended concealer chilling under their eye… I get it. I know the paranoia. But mine might be a little more focused. See, rather than a general concern for a potential makeup mishap, I am haunted by a very distinct, cave-dwelling demon: cliffhangers that like to reside in my nostrils. I am CONSTANTLY paranoid that one of those cave-dwellers wants to expose him/herself. CONSTANTLY. Not the most aesthetically pleasing topic of a blog post, I realize. But here’s where it becomes relevant: I’ve been on the hunt for some cool little pocket mirrors (sometimes my reflection in my dark laptop screen just doesn’t suffice) to stuff in my backpack and subtly bring out on (frequent) occasion.

So, of course, I went to Etsy.

And I found these extremely affordable little handmade pocket mirrors over at Miss Bella’s Room. Some contenders to help assuage my fears:






Target’s One Spot

You guys have all been to the One Spot/Dollar Spot/Whatever Spot at Target, right? A lot of times it’s overrun with holiday-themed items — usually headachingly BRIGHT holiday-themed items. But sometimes you can find that rare gem if you dig around the fluourescents long enough.

Yesterday, I found a set of alphabet stamps for a buck. Each individual letter = its own stamp. They’re awesome. They’re like these, except minus the numbers:


And these are listed as $11.00 on Target’s website. And that’s just $10.00 too much.

So, I decided to bust open the pack and christen the stamps while using them to personalize the sleeves for some CDs that I made for friends.


So, that’s pretty fun, right? Sunday afternoons are great.

Evelin Kasikov, I worship thee.

I’ve been home sick the past couple of days, and I keep forgetting to venture out and grab my mail. I finally forced myself up off the couch and schlepped out to the mailbox, only to discover: MY FIRST ISSUE OF UPPERCASE MAGAZINE WAS AWAITING ME!!!! Unbelievably excited to have their beautifully designed, insanely inspiring issue in my hands.

And when I got to pages 24 and 25, I almost passed out. Here’s why:


Behold the wonderfully beautiful stitched typefaces and designs of the infinitely talented EVELIN KASIKOV.

From Evelin’s website:

Printed Matter is a project about craft within the context of graphic design. My aim is to bring together craft and modern technology, and explore the possibilities for printing processes to be integrated with textile techniques. My main influences come from Swiss typography, Dutch book design and Estonian language – in no particular order. By mixing high and low tech, screen based media with slower crafts, I investigate different ways of seeing and experiencing visual messages.












All images borrowed either from Evelin’s website or her Flickr stream, which I encourage you all to visit tout de suite.

Wordshop Wednesday: Jenn Ski Art

I am 100%, absolutely positively head-over-heels in love with the retro-modern giclée prints created by the lovely Ms. Jenn Ski, available in her Etsy shop. Coincidentally, her creations nicely fit my current alphabet fetish.











Check out Jenn Ski’s blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Oh, and PS) Just found out via @Jenn_Ski that she was featured in the lifestyle section of Boston.com today! Read the article and catch some glimpses of her mod-style home HERE.

Talar du svenska? Swedish ABCs!

The following ABC illustrations by Staffan Wirén were borrowed from Martin Klasch’s Picasa album: