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My new Anthropologie pillow

As promised, some pictures of the embroidered Anthropologie pillow that I purchased last night on massive clearance. The plaid backside ain’t no accident.

Anthropologie generally has a multi-faceted effect on me. Initially, I feel instantly comforted by the aesthetic beauty of all that surrounds me. But then, inevitably, I actually start to become a little tweaked out by just how much every single item – down to an individual plaid doorknob – totally seems like it was MADE FOR ME. And only me. Though, intellectually, I realize that there a bajillion other people who feel exactly the same way. Which weirds me out even more, because I consider myself a stand-alone kind of girl. So then the Twilight Zone music starts to play and I find my temperature rising and my pace quickening and I just need to purchase something and get the eff outta there.

And so I did.

With this awesome pillow.

I spy…

Items on my desk.

Items on my desk.

1. Fabric “Y” initial from Anthropologie.

2. Mug from Mystic Pizza, CT.

3. Doll pen from Peru.

4. Eiffel Tower from Italy.


Thus concludes my 31,973,864th procrastination success from translations that need to be done.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

Happy Monday.