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Wordshop Wednesday: Raquel Masri!

Thanks to my new BBFF (Best Blogger Friend Forever), Mme Perpetua, for introducing me to the lovely porcelain creations of Raquel Masri, which you really should check out if you know what’s good for you (and I think you do).

The following images are borrowed from Raquel’s Etsy shop:

My love for this "Majuscule" alphabet dish would not exist without Mme Perpetua's prompting. :)

My love for this "Majuscule" alphabet dish would not exist without Mme Perpetua's prompting. 🙂

Pen + Ink + Porcelain alphabet = Perfection

Pen + Ink + Porcelain alphabet = Perfection





And, finally, the following tiles with the WWII message that has gained a noticeable increase in popularity in recent months:


I kind of resent this statement (“Keep calm and carry on.”). It sounds somewhat dismissive to me. Sort of like, if you’re calm about what’s going on right now (or during any wartime — which, to me, is a time of great unrest and injustice to some/all), then you’re not paying attention.

Maybe I’ll write more about it on my other blog.

But, for now, enjoy the ceramics. They’re cool regardless. 🙂

Instinct and Grace…

I feel bad because I can’t recall who tipped me off about Kylie Johnson‘s brilliant ceramic and poetic creations. I promise I would give credit, but apparently I am deficient in short-term memory. Not unlike Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates. Except I barely ever have one first date. But that’s beside the point. The point being that Kylie Johnson’s words and creations are uniquely lovely and memorable. You’ll see what I mean with the following photos, which are all borrowed from her blog, aptly called Instinct & Grace. Please also pay frequent visits to Kylie’s online store, Paper Boat Press, where you can not only purchase her book of poetry, Count Me the Stars, but also all of her ceramic and non-ceramic creations!

Enjoy feasting your eyes…


small tag POS

things poetry pot

blue word


picasso birds

quote pencil (heart)




quote tag raw

OK, I need to stop posting pictures. But the photography as well as the creations are amazing. Go see for yourself: HERE and HERE.

French Friday: Le Petit Atelier de Paris!

For this week’s installment of French Friday, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Le Petit Atelier de Paris, which is a boutique/workshop hybrid in the 3ème arrondissement of Paris (aka, in the Marais, which rules). Here is a little blurb from their website:

“Le Petit Atelier de Paris is a boutique with a workshop inside; it opened in 2005 in the Marais district in Paris. Founded by two designers, its boutique proposes series of unique items, designed, contrived and made by hand in the workshop. These objects, original and delicate, may be used for a pleasant daily life.”

Images from their site:






Because I realize that we can’t all just hop a plane to Paris this weekend, I offer you the next best thing: the freakin’ BLOG of Le Petit Atelier de Paris! Check it out, s’il vous plaĂ®t. You won’t regret it. You’ll find things there like these little bits of awesomeness:







The shop is closed from now until April anyway, so… dieu merci qu’il y ait des blogs! (thank god there are blogs!)

Wordshop Wednesday: Stephanie DeArmand!

Get ready to keel over from sheer ceramic awesomeness, courtesy of Ms. Stephanie DeArmand‘s very skilled hands:










(I was happily introduced to Stephanie DeArmand’s work via the Happy Cavalier blog, and I borrowed all images above from Stephanie DeArmand’s image gallery. I strongly encourage you to visit both sites, and frequently!)