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Vintage smoking ads from lamarde

Aqua-Velvet recently tweeted about lamarde, thus introducing me to the fabulous world of vintage cigarette advertising and packaging. There’s a reason we have so many unfortunate people addicted to nicotine: the advertising was glamourous, beautiful, and downright awesome in terms of design execution. Despite my devotion to all things design-related (which, yes, includes my appreciation for pro-smoking ads), I still feel compelled to state that I abhor cigarettes and their disastrously horrific effects on the body (and on innocent bystanders’ bodies). I have a step-father who is currently battling stage IV lung cancer. Meanwhile, my mother won’t stop lighting up, despite the smoking-induced tragedy barely breathing next to her. I am, in other words, not a fan of smoking.

But I am a fan of great design. And of lamarde’s beautiful gallery of advertisements, which is where I found all of the images posted below. Enjoy. These are some of my favorites:

Visit lamarde’s blog HERE. Follow lamarde on Twitter HERE.

French Friday: Le roi du tabac

Disclaimer: I generally abhor tobacco and cigarettes as lethal weapons that have contributed to way too much illness among family and friends. That being said: come on, these vintage tobacco labels from Agence Eureka are pretty stellar.

Stupidly, I never considered that French playing cards wouldn’t have the J, Q, K, A categories. Umm, yeah. So, below, you’ll see that French playing cards have the following categories: V(alet), D(ame), R(oi), A(s). Unfortunately, I don’t have any A examples below.