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Bonjour Mon Coussin’s awesome pillows

For this installment of French Friday Monday, it is my distinct pleasure to present you with some of my most prized pillows from the fabulous online store, Bonjour Mon Coussin. They involve tantalizing type, delicious design, and  clever colors. But enough alliteration. On to the images. Oh wait, did I mention that some of the pillows are scented? True story. The scented ones are marked with “PARFUM” like the burlap one below, which smells like coffee!

Swedish sweetness

It’s finally snowing in Boston. It was 70 degrees here on Thursday. Very anti-Decemberish. So, I’m extremely excited to see the white fluff whisping around outside and even sticking on the ground. I’m about to go celebrate with a fresh mug of hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows. But first, I want to share some fun Swedish finds with you… they’ll keep you happy and warm this Saturday evening, whether yours is snowy or not. 🙂

Vintage book covers and ads straight from David at the Klockarp Institute:

Museum der Dinge / Museum of Things (Berlin)

HOLY CR@P. Rob Keller from You Should Like Type Too posted today on a brilliant new find: The Museum der Dinge (Museum of Things) in Berlin! It’s chock-full of amazing, vintage goodies (er, THINGS). Just in case you’re not following Rob (which, come on, what’s wrong with you?), I thought I’d offer you some of my “thing” (“dinge”?) highlights: