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Lite-Brite Type from GrandArmy

O ne of my new Twitter followers, @caseandpointtype, posted a Tumblr image called “Lite-Brite Type.” How does one resist anything related to Lite-Brite, that’s my question? Right. One does NOT resist such things. Rather, one clicks ferociously to the source. Which brought one/me to these gorgeously vibrant images over at Type Theory: Lite-Brite Type created by GrandArmy:

Kinda makes you wanna bust out your Lite-Brite and go to town, right? Yeah, me too.

Ted Staunton’s Record Labels

If you haven’t yet visited Ted Staunton’s Gallery of Record Labels from the first half of the twentieth century, you have been MAJORLY missing out.

Here are some reasons why:

I can’t freakin’ get enough of them. And there are a bajillion more where these came from. Check out the beautifully extensive gallery HERE.


And some other colors, too. And they all form these stellar typographic designs that make me happy. So I wanted to share.

(images found courtesy of the always-inspirational WeLoveTypography.com)

Kiddie Records Weekly

Unbelievable site that I recently discovered somehow (if I could retrace the site-to-site-to-site-ad infinitum itinerary, I promise I would.): Kiddie Records Weekly: Classics from the Golden Age. Kiddie Records Weekly features a weekly selection of  vintage children’s album designs. Their archives are enormous, AND they stream all the audio! It’s pure old-school craziness! Go forth and enjoy. And, for now, here are some of my faves (but I still have stacks to pore through):

Aren’t they amazing? Love them. Love the colors, love the type, love the illustrations… love it all.

Throwback Thursday: Crayola Crayons

Few childhood sensations compared to the feeling of running my fingers along the tips of a new box of Crayola Crayons. Especially the 64-pack, which was basically the Holy Grail of crayon boxes. Built-in crayon sharpener? Yes, please!

For this installment of Throwback Thursday, I give you the evolution of the Crayola Crayon box over the years…

















Crayola inspiration even seeped its way into a Nike Dunk shoe design: