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Brought to you by the letter G.

Gotta love today’s Daily Drop Cap from Jessica Hische. In case you’re looking for “G” words so that you can take full advantage of this bad-boy, allow me to offer some suggestions:

goober, gingerbread, Gide (as in André), gluestick, genesis (or the capitalized Phil Collins version), Gund, glib, gullable, grimace (or the capitalized purple blob from McDonald’s version), guffaw, gander, George (as in Sand), gaseous, grizzly, glamorous (as in Fergie), gratitude, gluttony, Gauguin, gamer, gingko, Gaultier (as in cone boobs), great, gabby, Gocco (!), gin, genuine, Golden Girls, gib, grubby, gracious, gummer (as in my baby niece and nephew, on my thumb), Gummi Bears, glad (or the capitalized trash bag version), garage, gender-specific, Gilman (as in Charlotte Perkins), gentrification, ginger (or the capitalized Gilligan’s Island character), Gilligan, gardens, gotcha (as in the journalism style of reporting), Goethe, globe, goldfish (or the capitalized Pepperidge Farm version), gibbon, Gap, Gargamel (as in The Smurfs), grabby, gimp, Gunther (as in Friends), giver, guppy, Genet (as in Les Bonnes)…

OK, I think that’s good. Ha! Get it? GOOD? “G”?!? OK, I’ll stop.



Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Caps

    {I am so in love with Jessica Hische, I felt compelled to copy this post from my other blog}

eautiful initials by typographer, designer, and illustrator Jessica Hische, who has a newly minted Daily Drop Caps project, whereby “each day (or at least each WORK day), a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap will be posted for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere.” Jessica provides the HTML code to copy/paste directly into your blog posts to take advantage of her letterific creations!

Daily Drop Caps thus far, magnified:



I am in love with these, by the way. Which you could probably guess considering all of the illuminated initials I’ve used throughout my blog posts since my blog’s inception last year. I guess you could say that Jessica Hische is kind of my hero. Visit her blog HERE.