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My new Anthropologie pillow

As promised, some pictures of the embroidered Anthropologie pillow that I purchased last night on massive clearance. The plaid backside ain’t no accident.

Anthropologie generally has a multi-faceted effect on me. Initially, I feel instantly comforted by the aesthetic beauty of all that surrounds me. But then, inevitably, I actually start to become a little tweaked out by just how much every single item – down to an individual plaid doorknob – totally seems like it was MADE FOR ME. And only me. Though, intellectually, I realize that there a bajillion other people who feel exactly the same way. Which weirds me out even more, because I consider myself a stand-alone kind of girl. So then the Twilight Zone music starts to play and I find my temperature rising and my pace quickening and I just need to purchase something and get the eff outta there.

And so I did.

With this awesome pillow.

Koko – Match Co. pillows

I scored an awesome embroidered pillow on serious clearance at Anthropologie earlier this evening. Highly proud of myself, I came home ready to find a picture to share with you of my brilliant find. But then I found these. And now I kind of can’t stop thinking about them. But I still love my Anthropologie pillow. I will take a picture of it tomorrow.

Until then, please enjoy these ridiculously cool (and, thus, quite pricey) rice bag and matchbox pillows from Koko – Match Co., which instantly made me think of Agence Eureka’s Flickr set:


S ome ridiculously lovely images from vintage French albums de découpages, borrowed from Agence Eureka’s (insanely awesome) Flickr stream, which you should visit pronto. Just as soon as you check out these kernels of cool, that is:

Kiddie Records Weekly

Unbelievable site that I recently discovered somehow (if I could retrace the site-to-site-to-site-ad infinitum itinerary, I promise I would.): Kiddie Records Weekly: Classics from the Golden Age. Kiddie Records Weekly features a weekly selection of  vintage children’s album designs. Their archives are enormous, AND they stream all the audio! It’s pure old-school craziness! Go forth and enjoy. And, for now, here are some of my faves (but I still have stacks to pore through):

Aren’t they amazing? Love them. Love the colors, love the type, love the illustrations… love it all.

Wordshop Wednesday: Miss Bella’s Room

Some people are obsessed with checking themselves out. You know the ones: can’t pass a window without rubbernecking to see how they are being seen. Some people are obsessed with checking to make sure makeup hasn’t smudged, that lipstick hasn’t transferred to a front tooth, that there’s not a blob of unblended concealer chilling under their eye… I get it. I know the paranoia. But mine might be a little more focused. See, rather than a general concern for a potential makeup mishap, I am haunted by a very distinct, cave-dwelling demon: cliffhangers that like to reside in my nostrils. I am CONSTANTLY paranoid that one of those cave-dwellers wants to expose him/herself. CONSTANTLY. Not the most aesthetically pleasing topic of a blog post, I realize. But here’s where it becomes relevant: I’ve been on the hunt for some cool little pocket mirrors (sometimes my reflection in my dark laptop screen just doesn’t suffice) to stuff in my backpack and subtly bring out on (frequent) occasion.

So, of course, I went to Etsy.

And I found these extremely affordable little handmade pocket mirrors over at Miss Bella’s Room. Some contenders to help assuage my fears:






Quotes & Notes

I just discovered the exquisitely lovely Quotes & Notes via Craftgawker. The mix of printed basswood, creamy fabrics, and unique quotations (some even in French, HELLO?!?) make me kind of swoon. And get me excited for Christmas. (Yes, I know it’s not Halloween yet, but just look at the images below! You’ll see what I mean, I swear.)














Every item in the Quotes & Notes Etsy shop is available for customizing! Visit this lovely little shop HERE.

Fabric Cuffs and Stitched Type from Ponder & Stitch

Thanks to the always-wonderful Xenia from Found Paper Co. for introducing me to these lovely little fabric cuffs from Ponder & Stitch earlier today. I am in love with the postcard cuffs, but absolutely ALL of them are adorable and beautifully crafted. The stitched type especially inspires me, and serves as a lovely postscript to my Stitched Type post earlier this year.

Check them out, please:







The lovely Amy (aka, Ms. Ponder & Stitch):

Photo borrowed from FoundPaperCo.com

Photo borrowed from FoundPaperCo.blogspot.com

Snippet & Ink

It would not be incorrect to say that I am not a fan of weddings. That being said, sometimes I come across images and invitation ideas that do propel me to swoon a bit, whether I like to admit it or not. Case in point: the following images from Laurel Smith‘s wedding, featured on Snippet & Ink, which is a daily wedding inspiration blog. Laurel designed all the paper goods and hand-stitched all of the tags:






Laurel’s wedding invitation inspiration board, filled with lots of vintage brilliance, as featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

6a00e554ee8a228833011168f0ea91970c-800wiRSVP card: