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French Friday: Pour Toujours

Just discovered Pour Toujours, a lovely Etsy shop based in Montreal with great vintage French games and books, mostly targeted toward children. I especially love the Je me renseigne books. Oh, and Mille Bornes — I’m still bitter that my mom ditched our set when we were younger. GRR!

Halloween surprise!


I’ve been way over-tweeting and over-posting about my Halloween Paper Pack. But I can’t help it. It’s so cute! And the little Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh activities are so fun! And there are coloring pages! And vintage French and dictionary pages! And awesome decorative papers! Some are double-sided! And did I mention stickers and gift tags?!? And that it’s chock-full of goodies for kids and scrapbookers/collage artists alike? And that it’s now 50% OFF?!?!? It’s a measly $2.50!!!!! Well, as if that’s not rad enough… now I’m throwing in a surprise gift to whoever the lucky buyer is. *Note: Gift tags and red & white baker’s twine may or may not be involved.


For images and ordering, click HERE!

Wordshop Wednesday: Tandem Antiques

Tandem Antiques recently began following me on Twitter. I had never heard of them, so I checked out their link. And that’s when I found these little vintage beauties:






You can follow Tandem Antiques on Twitter HERE.

Wordshop Wednesday: Found Paper Co.


I am much indebted to Poppy Talk, who today introduced me to the EXTREMELY drool-worthy Found Paper Co.. Their products represent PRECISELY what causes me to foam at the mouth and, inevitably, pass out from overstimulation. I mean that in only the best of ways. I absolutely LOVE ephemera and the repurposing of vintage papers. Or just gazing fondly at them for hours and never repurposing them at all, because it seems pretty clear that their overall purpose is to exist solely for me.

Unsurprisingly, I basically want to buy out the entire store. So you better get it while you can.









All images above borrowed from the Found Paper Co. Etsy store.

Go forth and purchase!