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Vintage wintery labels, courtesy of Germany & Denmark

I’ve been adapting to life back in my homeland (Ohio) over the past several days, so I had to take a break from blogging, as well as from reading blogs. Which has caused me to experience some serious pangs of withdrawal: cold sweats, twitching… not pretty.

But I’m back. And I now must absolutely share with you a couple of my favorite finds over the past handful of snowy days.

First, I bestow upon you the glory of le ski, vintage German match label style, from the brilliant Agence Eureka:

Next, I offer you the Christmas seal loveliness of Denmark, discovered over at Grain Edit earlier today:

Now you know why I was basically foaming at the freakin’ mouth, itchin’ to post these little bad boys for you. 🙂

Love them.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back before any excessive twitching starts to occur.

Vintage International Travel Posters

I’m not sure I could be any more in love with these vintage posters over at GrainEdit today (especially the Swiss one):







More HERE. GrainEdit rules, huh? I pretty much swoon over everything posted on their blog.

Ridiculously adorable French ocean-themed labels

I saved this image a while ago and lamely forgot to note the source. If anyone can help me, please chime in with the reference!

***UPDATE: Thanks so much to Janet from 3Potato4 for commenting with the designer’s name: the über talented Jim Datz created these labels, which I had originally found featured in an interview over at Grain Edit. Thanks again, Janet! Mystery/forgetfulness solved! 🙂


From Miffy to Simenon…

Dick Bruna, the beloved Dutch children’s author and illustrator, most famously of the Miffy books (see the adorable Miffy, directly below), has also given the world these genius cover designs, which I found today over at the fabulous Grain Edit: