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Over the holidays…

While I was in Ohio for the holidays, I finally had the time to create and mail my holiday cards. I am fortunate to have an extremely awesome step-father who is an artist and stamp collector, and he provided me with tons of old stamps to use for my envelopes (he also told Santa to stash stacks of canceled vintage stamps and postcards in my stocking).

{ My holiday cards. Kind of hard to tell, but they’re cardstock cut into stocking shapes, and then I stamped them and adhered scalloped-edged paper cut-outs and baker’s twine and… a bit much, but fun. ūüôā }

{ Envelopes for my holiday cards, including stamped and handwritten tags plus old postage stamps. }

{ Backside. }

Also, a friend/colleague of mine asked me to hand-letter her wedding program, menu, and place cards for her winter snowflake-themed nuptials. So I had fun creating those as well, although I worried that they ended up a bit too “busy” with all the text. But Catherine said she liked them, so I was happy.

{ Front cover of the wedding program. }

{ Front cover (left) and back cover (right) of wedding program. }

{ Inside of program. }

{ Wedding menu. }

{ Wedding menu. }

{ Place cards, twined up according to table #. }

{ The whole collection. }

I am realizing that these photos aren’t the best quality. Casualty of being away from home.

Hope you all had a very happy holiday and that the new year is off to a stellar start!

French Friday: Bonne Ann√©e!

Happy New Year to all, courtesy of artist Adolie Day:

Quotes & Notes

I just discovered the exquisitely lovely¬†Quotes & Notes via Craftgawker. The mix of printed basswood, creamy fabrics, and unique quotations (some even in French, HELLO?!?) make me kind of swoon. And get me excited for Christmas. (Yes, I know it’s not Halloween yet, but just look at the images below! You’ll see what I mean, I swear.)














Every item in the Quotes & Notes Etsy shop is available for customizing! Visit this lovely little shop HERE.

Mother’s Day (Part 2): Homemade Mother’s Day Message Box

HO. LY. CRAP. My subscription to Paper Crave once again proved invaluable today, for it introduced me to the following impeccably sweet Mother’s Day gift idea from Cathe at¬†Just Something I Made (which I will now obsessively visit): a homemade Mother’s Day message box. Feast your eyes on the message box creation below, brilliantly constructed by Cathe (all images from JSIM):




Mother’s Day, letterpress style (Part 1)

From Dutch Door Press:



From Smockpaper:



From Fourteen Sisters:


From Byvik Ink:


From Letterary Press:


And, for those seeking a bit more humour in their Mama’s Day…

From Miss Cline Press:


From¬†Todd Brant Press (inside: “You rock”):


And, my personal favorite (though not letterpress, but hand-stitched and awesome)…

From Pink Mist Industry:

il_430xn69362959NO MORE WIRE HANGERRRRRRS!!!!

Christmas stills…

I went to Ohio to spend Christmas with my mom in her new house in a new town. Because Santa is brilliant and magical, He still found me. And He gave me these:


I made a family tree for my grandmother for Christmas (with a little help from Paper Source and my Scotch Craft Stick!):



And then my mom put Becky-dog in a dress. Humiliation ensued, and Becky refused to look anyone in the eye. 


Here ‘s a mixture of things I made and purchased for my mom (note: NOT a doggy dress):


My mom lives a town over from where Thomas Edison was born (Milan, OH), so of course I was a nerd and had to go:


Edison wrote these really sweet/artful notes to his daughter, Madeleine:


The Edison’s kitchen was lovely and located in the basement of the house:


Meanwhile, back at Mom’s…Christmas ornaments:


Becky and I played Hide ‘n Seek . I won:


Although it’s been said many times, many ways…

(Image: Currier & Ives, 1876)

The end of another semester + the birth of my insanely cute niece & nephew + the holidays = an unfortunate-but-necessary break from the blogging action.¬†I’m kind of suffering from Blog Withdrawal (BW). Cold sweats,¬†twitching… it isn’t pretty.

¬†But I’ll be back soon… and I absolutely cannot wait to flaunt some of the wordsy&eggsy treasures I received from Santa! Santa RULES!!!

I hope you’re all enjoying the loveliest of holidays (and the yummiest of foods — especially cookies)!