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Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Created by artist, taxidermist, and all-around cool guy Wilhelm Staehle, Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre presents silhouetted figures (sometimes humans, sometimes animals) in occasionally prickly situations, coupled with witty (and often punny. Not “puny.” Punny.) text. Tickets to the Theatre are free. Here are some previews of what you can expect:

{ This one’s my favorite due to the Baudelairian Dandy reference. Of course. }

Follow Wilhelm Staehle on Twitter HERE.

Thanks once again to WeLoveTypography.com for introducing me to another fabulous artist!

Wordshop Wednesday (on Tuesday): Jamaica Makes…

Have you guys all seen Jamaica? I’m not talking about the island, though I hear that’s lovely, too. No no, I’m talking about Ms. Jamaica of the wonderfully awesome blog Jamaica Makes (crafts when she should be making dinner)! She and her blog make me smile for all sorts of reasons. For instance, yesterday she posted the following:


If that thank-you card doesn’t qualify as “rad,” I don’t know what does. Actually, wait, yes I do: all the old-school paper and fabric goodies in Jamaica’s Etsy shop and on her blog qualify as majorly rad. Here, check them out (be prepared to swoon):














To check out more of Jamaica’s greatness, go HERE for her blog, HERE for her Etsy shop, and HERE to follow her on Twitter.

Bonne fête de la Bastille! / Happy Bastille Day!


I just came across these hilarious Bastille Day-themed gocco prints created by StrangeBoyCards, and I feel compelled to post them for all. Bon 14 juillet à tous!


Nothin' like a little Kool 'N the Gang to get the party started! ps) "Va-t-en" essentially means "F off"

Nothin' like a little Kool 'N the Gang to get the party started! ps) "Va-t-en" essentially means "F off"



Oh, and here’s what the envelopes for the cards look like:




And now, my own contribution to the day: a photo I took of the Place de la Bastille in Paris, January 2006.


Letterpress Fortune Teller

Awesomely fun throwback to elementary school: a letterpress fortune teller from Sycamore Street Press, as seen on Design*Sponge.

And don’t you worry: Bob Saget loves you.





Typeface humor.

typoOh, come on. You love it.


*Image ffffound HERE.

April Fools’ Fishies!

For the French, April 1st signifies le poisson d’avril (or, April’s Fish). While the history of the April 1st/joke connection remains a bit shifty, the most widely accepted source finds itself anchored in 16th-century France, when King Charles IX adopted a new calendar. This calendar, called the Gregorian Calendar (after Pope Gregory XIII, who commanded it), shifted the start of the new year from April 1st to January 1st. Some traditionalists, however, refused to acknowledge and accept the new date; still others simply remained oblivious to the change. Whatever the reason, those who remained loyal to April 1st New Year were soon deemed “April Fools” and were mocked and tricked by their peers.

Similar obscurity surrounds the origin of the April 1st/poisson connection. Some have theorized that the fish relate to the sun’s departure from the zodiac sign of Pisces. Others make perhaps the more obvious connection: fish are easily baited and fooled into being caught. Fish, the symbol of les fous/fools. (My apologies to you fish-lovers out there. Don’t hate the messenger, please.)

The evolution of le poisson d’avril finds little French children taping paper fish to the backs of adults and lightheartedly yelling, “Poisson d’avril!” once said adult discovers the fishy. Likewise, adults play pranks and, whenever the prank’s truth is discovered, the prankster will yell, “Poisson d’avril!“. It’s all fun and games until someone throws a chocolate fish at your head.


In any case, April 1st in France is a sight to be seen… particularly in the Chocolatiers, where various incarnations of chocolate fish shroud the windows. It’s INCREDIBLE. I’ve never seen anything like it. But since I’m not in France right now, I thought I’d share some images that I found online… chocolate-related and not. Enjoy, and happy April Fools’!

carte-poisson-avril(Above: found HERE)


(Above: from Chocolatier Patrick Roger)


(Above: “Happy Fishing!” found HERE)


(Above: found on Flickr)


(Above: found HERE)


(Above: found HERE)


(Above: “Eaten!” found HERE)

carte1eravril2(Above: found HERE)

What Do You Mean the Recession Isn’t Fun?

528I’ve already featured Rock, Scissor, Paper on Words & Eggs — several times, actually — but what can I say? They’re awesome. And now they’ve outdone themselves yet again, this time with their line of Retro Recession cards.


Who knew the recession could be so ding dang fun?!

Here are some of my favorites, but check out the link above for the full selection of 25 designs: